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Managing Your Creativity

I am an abundant creator. I have a library of songs, poems, food recipes, product ideas; but I have a creative problem. The problem is that you may never see a subset of these projects. I am a strong creator; I am not the strongest finisher. I acknow...

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American Fear

Lock the door
Close the mind
Load the gun
Hoard the dime

Spare the god
Spoil the child
Suspect the other
Believe the guile

Blow the whistle
Sound the alarm
Silence the lamb
Quell the harm

Oil the wheel
Steel the soul

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Takeaways From a Trans-American Adventure

Last year I started riding Motorcycles. This summer, on my first Motorcycle trip, I drove from the Southern United States to Nova Scotia, Canada. Here are some valuable life, and moto lessons I learned on the road.

Nature is Cruel

I maintain t...

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