Takeaways From a Trans-American Adventure

December 9, 2019

Last year I started riding Motorcycles. This summer, on my first Motorcycle trip, I drove from the Southern United States to Nova Scotia, Canada. Here are some valuable life, and moto lessons I learned on the road.

Nature is Cruel

I maintain the most harrowing facet of vulnerability while riding is the elements. No matter your level of expertise, nature will humble you. If you ride long enough, you will encounter rainstorms, limited visibility, extreme heat, sporadic, projectile - fear the dear, and dangerous animals. Respect the power of mother nature and do not test her limits. It is always worth sacrificing a little more time to arrive alive.

Humans are Kind

'Paying it Forward' was a frequent theme of this journey. People provided me with nourishment and company, paid my toll fare, and gifted tools for travel. I can't promise you will encounter similar kindness, but I am a firm believer in the perpetuation of good deeds - especially if those you interact with know you are a foreigner. Lend a hand to someone in need; you may be graced with one when you, in turn, need it

Secure Your Belongings

I excused my negligence the first time I lost my camping gear by only using one tie-down. I realized how foolish, and irresponsible, I was when I decided not to use a secondary fitment; my subsequent sleeping bag also disappeared into the concrete void. If not for your own gain and safety, consider the safety of other drivers. Check and secure your luggage every time you stop.

Prioritize Leisure Over Punctuality

I initially planned to drive to Newfoundland and back to Georgia within a month. How I justify such a lofty, idealistic, cram as much into as little time as possible, mindset, is nearly impossible to reconcile. One of the most important lessons I've learned throughout extensive travel is to be honest in managing your expectations with your time. Don't be in a rush. If you're time is constrained, you will be stressed. Slow down, and enjoy the ride

Take the Road Less Travelled

Chances are you're already a fairly adventurous person; you chose an inherently risky activity to partake in. You've already thrown caution to the wind, so why stick to the main road? One of the greatest aspects of riding a Motorcycle is the freedom to roam. I unknowingly road part of the Trail of Tears en route to Deal's Gap. This was my first offroad experience; it was both terrifying and riveting. I discovered a hidden forest road with a troubled path. I connected to the human condition through this historical trek in a totally new way. Exploration is paramount to experiential riding. Clarity awaits beyond the adventure of the unknown