The Importance of Travel

March 2, 2020

I prioritize travel in my life, and I think you should too. These are my top three reasons for perpetual wanderlust.


Travel is difficult and requires discipline. From planning and logistics, to language barrier, to culture shock, you will, inevitably, wrestle with adversity. There is a silver lining through this resistance; challenge builds character and develops focus. Before you know it, you will be changed, for the better, sipping a tasty beverage on a beach in a far-away place


We tend to form our opinions of the world based on the media. We are inundated with information, often negative or vitriolic, about other cultures and people. It is critical to understand that this method of learning is inaccurate, imprecise, and possibly inauthentic. Experience is the gateway to authenticity in our understanding of other cultures, and the global community. Individual and collective uniqueness and attributes are extremely important, but this viewpoint is often distorted. Rather than focus on what makes each other great, the emphasis is on what sets us apart. I travel to remind myself that we, as humans, are vastly more similar, than we are different.


Traveling will undoubtedly transform, and solidify, your beliefs and opinions; your world views. You will experience new phenomena, you will experiment with new traditions. You will no longer be stagnating in familiarity. You will meet new friends and make everlasting companionship. I attribute all success and amazing things in my life to travel.

Now it's your turn to discover your reasons for travel.

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