The Power of Action

May 29, 2020

Regarding goals, aspirations, and dreams, talk is cheap. When push comes to shove, action is the only force that coerces change. Action is the sole datum to which change can be attributed. There is an entire industry whose foundation is built on sharing the processes of action. The aggregate methodology works, with a catch; you are responsible for committing your own action to bring about change. No one else, but you, can create change. Your goals, aspirations, and dreams will never be realized until you, and only you, exercise the responsibility of action in your endeavors. No possibility is without limits when bravery overcomes fear, when action is taken in the face of adversity. Greatness is not attained without challenges and hardships. Stand steadfast amidst the storms. Dig deep into your core and realize your ultimate power; your ability to catalyze motion through action. You will change the world, so long as you exercise the power of action.

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