The Scientific Method and Social Issues

July 16, 2020

The modern social approach to problem solving is ineffiicent, at best. Rather than engineering comprehensive solutions to our social issues, we take the easy route; blame and reprimand the scapegoat. This retroactive behavior perpetuates the cyclical nature of the problem, rather than attempting to rectify - and prevent - the root malfunction.

It would be easy to identify such behavior as apathetic and careless, but I believe these are surface-level symptoms of a deeper psychological and sociol...

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The Power of Action

May 29, 2020

Regarding goals, aspirations, and dreams, talk is cheap. When push comes to shove, action is the only force that coerces change. Action is the sole datum to which change can be attributed. There is an entire industry whose foundation is built on sharing the processes of action. The aggregate methodology works, with a catch; you are responsible for committing your own action to bring about change. No one else, but you, can create change. Your goals, aspirations, and dreams will never be realized ...

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The Responsibility of Consumption

May 21, 2020

The consumer often forgets the inherent power of their transaction as well as the repercussions of those transactions. We live in a world with an abundance of consumer options that aren't necessarily representative of patterns in consumer choice. Organizations are investing massive resources into psychological marketing strategies aimed at providing the most convenient services for the lowest price. What exactly are the reactive benefits and tradeoffs of the aggregate consumer behavior when tran...

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The Merit of Doing the Right Thing

March 10, 2020

Doing the right thing takes courage.

Justice demands a fearless attitude. Belief systems will be tested. The alternative tempts security in short-term benefit. Ego will fight tooth-and-nail to emphasize the self above all others. Critics will amplify their disapproval.

Doing the right thing transcends time.

Instant gratification is fleeting. Delayed gratification is everlasting. Altruistic behavior is ultimately powerful. Actions of integrity resonate across generations. Truth is timeless.


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The Importance of Travel

March 2, 2020

I prioritize travel in my life, and I think you should too. These are my top three reasons for perpetual wanderlust.


Travel is difficult and requires discipline. From planning and logistics, to language barrier, to culture shock, you will, inevitably, wrestle with adversity. There is a silver lining through this resistance; challenge builds character and develops focus. Before you know it, you will be changed, for the better, sipping a tasty beverage on a beach in a far-away pla...

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Managing Your Creativity

February 9, 2020

I am an abundant creator. I have a library of songs, poems, food recipes, product ideas; but I have a creative problem. The problem is that you may never see a subset of these projects. I am a strong creator; I am not the strongest finisher. I acknowledge this shortcoming but I do not accept it as my ceiling. I am dedicating more attention to the structure and consistency of my creative process. The following principles are some guidelines I consider when starting, continuing, or finishing a bod...

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American Fear

January 12, 2020

Lock the door
Close the mind
Load the gun
Hoard the dime

Spare the god
Spoil the child
Suspect the other
Believe the guile

Blow the whistle
Sound the alarm
Silence the lamb
Quell the harm

Oil the wheel
Steel the soul
Harvest the land
Burn the coal

Conflate the story
Sequence the screen
Business is booming
Obsess the obscene

Climb the ladder
Subsidize the slum
Process the food
Eat the young

Manufacture the truth
Judge the day
Jury is out
Law is ...

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Takeaways From a Trans-American Adventure

December 8, 2019

Last year I started riding Motorcycles. This summer, on my first Motorcycle trip, I drove from the Southern United States to Nova Scotia, Canada. Here are some valuable life, and moto lessons I learned on the road.

Nature is Cruel

I maintain the most harrowing facet of vulnerability while riding is the elements. No matter your level of expertise, nature will humble you. If you ride long enough, you will encounter rainstorms, limited visibility, extreme heat, sporadic, projectile - fea...

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