Tips for Buying Your First Guitar

April 3, 2021

1. Target a Budget

A steadfast budget isn't necessary, rather a general purpose strategy to both mitigate financial risk and scope a subset of choices that extends well beyond the realm of music. Determine a price range that you're comfortable with spending on a new instrument and shop accordingly.

2. Follow your Feelings

Play as many instruments as you can to determine which feels best for, and to, you. The instrument is an extension of you; a medium for your expression. The most important factor to consider when purchasing a guitar is to go with what feels best, physically. Consider how the instrument handles, how it fits your hands, your body curvature, the connection you feel wtih the instrument when you play it. The stronger the bond you feel with the instrument, the longer your relationship with it will last.

3. Purchase in Person

Some transactional experiences are severely disadvantaged by digital substitutes; purchasing a musical instrument is a primary example of why it's more beneficial to the consumer to purchase brick-and-mortar instead of online. If not for the sole purpose of choosing a guitar by following your feelings, consider the extension of the transaction to a relationship with your local guitar shop. You will have a place to go when your instrument requires maintenance. You will be supporting an individual enterprise. You will be privy to the resources of a local community to engage with in your musical endeavors.

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